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Cyber Polygon 2021 – Globalists Revolution to Combat Cyber Attacks

Preparations are being made for the Great Reset with the use of an impending simulation aimed at rescuing financial establishments from virtual attacks.

It has been announced that there will be a collaboration this July between the Russian government and the World Economic Forum to create a simulation of a key supply chain cyber pandemic that can possibly curb these virtual or cyber-attacks.

Sberbank made a statement in February, announcing the name of the simulation as Cyber Polygon 2021. According to Sberbank, the major concern of the World Economic Forum and other concerned international bodies is that 2021 will herald a cybersecurity problem rising from the security of supply chain. And because digitalization is steadily growing, there is a better and stronger connection between nations, individuals, companies and devices. As a result, the only way systems can remain strong is if every link in their chain can resist or fight against any threat they are faced with.

The website issued a warning that a solitary weak link is capable of bringing down a whole system and that the job of Cyber Polygon 2021 is to equip partakers and onlookers with more knowledge on the cyber world. The knowledge will be used to boost their organization’s strength and ward off cyberthreats.

Last year, Cyber Polygon 2020 was held with several dignitaries in attendance and the Cyber Polygon 2021 is a continuance of the event. Among the elite that attended were the prime minister of Russia, Mikhail Mishustin, founder of WEF Klaus Schwab, and others.

According to BI.ZONE, a cybersecurity group based in Russia, there were 120 establishments from 29 countries that were a part of the Cyber Polygon 2020 simulation, and there were around 5 million people spread across 57 nations that supposedly viewed the live stream.

The CEO of the Cyber Peace Institute which gets its funding from Facebook, Microsoft, Mastercard, and others, was among the presenters of the Cyber Polygon 2020. The institute aids their subscribers in increasing their digital strength and gives them the capability to fight, as well as recuperate from cyberattacks.

The Great Reset is an organized transition by globalists to move the world economy to Fourth Industrial Revolution where the need for human laborers is greatly reduced as artificial intelligence gets more incorporated into the global economy.

But the Great Reset cannot become a reality if the existing system is not torn apart.

The Cyber Polygon event is quite similar to Event 201, an exercise that was supported by Bill Gates and WEF which produced a simulation of the disturbing Covid-19 pandemic that shook the world economy. The exercise was launched a few months before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the result was precisely the prediction of the exercise.

And like it happened with Event 201, people are speculating the possibility of Cyber Polygon having the same ability to predict the downfall of the world economy.

According to a report made by Unlimited Hangout, some people will be of the opinion that a cyber pandemic is caused by the rapid development of technology in today’s world. But it is important to note that many have already predicted 2021 to be the year that the big institutions will be destroyed financially, which will then lead to the birth of new economic systems that will fall in line with the Great Reset.

The banking system of the world will face a collapse that will be as a result of the fraud and vice that has been left unchecked for years. And this collapse will be systematized so that the rich elites, like the participants of the Cyber Polygon, will be able to dodge taking responsibility for their felonious activities.

In addition to this, it is odd that Washington does not seem to be uncomfortable with allowing the Russians gain access to the world’s cybersecurity mainframe to search for weakness. Especially as Washington has, since 2016, been accusing Russia of hacking.

Going by the report of Unlimited Hangout, the fact that the ‘Russian hacker’ tale was not brought up at Cyber Polygon and the leadership position of Russia during the event implies that there has either been a shift at the geopolitical level, or the ‘Russian hacker’ story was simply made up by US and European Intelligence to feed the public and does not apply to the elites who attended Cyber Polygon.

It is not accidental that the globalists managed to unveil these simulations that happen to fall in line with their objectives of changing public life.

When the most influential individuals in the world yearn to make drastic changes, there is a convenient emergence of crises, such as a war or epidemic, which facilitates a change in the system. And this change is often followed by an immense movement of wealth to the upper echelon.

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